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Selling VIP 5 Sweet Dance Account $60

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Looking to sell my Sweet Dance account as I don't plan to continue playing it.
I'm the original owner and have invested a bit into the account.

Account is VIP 5 lvl 53 currently, I'm still doing the daily logins and event rolls until sold.
Comes with around 626 wearable items in total (including some wings, faces, etc). Number may rise if I get lucky on event rolls or on wishing.
Comes with the "Hi Hawaii!" and "Swan Guardian" special titles. Lots of outfits. Also a unopened Team Buying Pack where you can pick a item to claim inside.
With VIP 5 you also get 5k gold daily.

After payment ill give the account login and password. I don't remember what the security questions were, though you don't need them to login.

Payment would be Paypal F&F, Asking $60

Message my discord if interested or any questions about the account Banette#7817

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